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White Ensign Lodge Expects

posted on 06 December 2017


Trafalgar Night

There could not be a more fitting title to describe the events surrounding this years Trafalgar Night held on Friday 27th October at Redditch.

Following the Rehearsal on the Monday evening we received an immediate resignation from our Junior Deacon for personal and business reasons the following day, who also happened to be the Candidate for Initiations Brother in Law, who also withdrew. This following on from the earlier resignation for health reasons of our Senior Deacon.

The Preceptor, W. Bro. Sgt (S) Ian Fothergill then sent out the rallying cry and the Past Masters stepped up to the plate in fine style.

Fortunately we had prepared Bro. Mne Shaun Keeling for his Second Degree and so with a complete change to our Daily Orders we proceeded to Pass Bro. Shaun. Past Masters filling every office with the Secretary, W. Bro. Les Leek, delivering the Working Tools and W. Bro. Sgt (S) Ian Fothergill conducting the Ceremony, following an Invitation from the WM W. Bro. LACM Denis Woodhams who had entrusted the Candidate.

We were fortunate that the “Duty Bugler” who had become becalmed on the Motorway between Nailsea and Redditch arrived in time to play “Sunset.”

An excellent evening upstairs followed by a very convivial Festive Board on the Mess Deck which had been “Dressed Overall”.

In true White Ensign fashion the Charity Collection and Auction raised just over £600 and a cheque for £500 is to forwarded to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund.

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