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White Ensign Lodge March 2017 Meeting

posted on 02 April 2017


White Ensign Lodge March 2017 Meeting

On Friday 31st March Bro. Cpl Martin Carver was Raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason.

Some 35 Brethren were in attendance to witness the ceremony.

The ceremony was carried out by two Past Masters of the Lodge, W. Bro. WO1 Tom Kennedy, PPrJGW (Warks) PPrSGD, (Worcs) conducting the 1st Part and W. Bro. Sgt (S) Ian Fothergill, PPrSGW, LGR the Traditional History and detailed explanation of the 3rd Degree Tracing Board.

The ceremony was well received although there were occasions where the origin of the ritual used was in question! If nothing else it kept the Prompter, W. Bro. LEM (A) Frank Walters, PPrGSwdB, on his toes.

On completion of the Ceremony the Master in the Chair, W. Bro. Ian Fothergill presented, on behalf of the Lodge, a ritual book to Bro. Martin explaining that it contained the true rituals.

The Brethren then retired to the Mess where Tots were sunk followed by a very convivial Festive Board.

Once again the Master at Arms managed to extract Fines of £8.50 from those who were unable to contain and conduct themselves in a suitable Naval fashion during the Ceremony.

Our next Meeting will take place on Friday 26th May which will be a White Table and Ladies to Dine evening.

Our Trafalgar Night Meeting will take place on Friday 27th October when we will be conducting an Initiation. All Visitors will be made very welcome but ensure you book your seats early as numbers are limited.

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