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posted on 16 May 2016


Keith Evans

Following our 2nd game of the Season at Henley Golf Club where we "sloshed" through the water and could only play the Back 9 Holes twice, with no buggies and therefore all had to go for a paddle. The end result saw our New Member, Chris Firminger, playing off 2/3rds of his Club Handicap, become the only player to beat 100 with a Gross Score of 93. He was immediately cut to a more positive WHELKS Handicap of 9.

This led us to a very wet Cleobury Mortimer Golf Club on Tuesday 11th May for Round 3 when 12 hardy souls pitched themselves against the elements. The day started well with a Full English Breakfast which, to many, was the highlight of the day. What followed was a very interesting challenge where,other than Keith Evans winning the £10 note for being closest the pin, the "star" of the show was once again Chris Firminger with an excellent round of 86!. This, using his Club Handicap, would have been a 3 Under Par 69. Understandably he has received another 2 Stroke cut and will now play off 7.

We also congratulate our Winning Visitors, Paul Battle at Henley and Mike Fowler at Cleobury.

Our next game, the only Stroke Play game we play in our year, for the "Tansy" Lees Putter, will be played on the Lenches Course at the Vale Golf Club on Tuesday 14th June. Anyone interested in joining us for a good day of Golf and Banter should contact our Secretary/Treasurer Bob Sweeting: You are guaranteed a warm welcome.

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