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Cracking Convocation

posted on 08 September 2015


A unique opportunity of Exalting 2 Candidates

Tuesday 1st September saw the Chapter hold its 1st Convocation of the new Masonic Season and what a “cracking” meeting it turned out to be with some 32 Companions in attendance.

We had the great pleasure of enjoying the company of two of our Consecrating Officers, E. Comp. Michael G Taylor, P.G.Swd.B., Deputy Grand Superintendent, the then Provincial 3rd Principal, and Richard B W Price, Past Grand Superintendent who was the Grand Superintendent on that auspicious day.

They were joined by our Provincial Representative, E. Comp. Rod Burlton, P.Pr.G.S.N. and two Companions who had travelled from Probatus Lodge No: 8126, Province of Hertfordshire, supporting Bro. Gavin Warby, and a motley crew from St. Augustine’s Lodge supporting our own Bro. John Pace, together with what have now become our Permanently Invited Guests whose company we always enjoy.

We had the excellent and unique opportunity of Exalting 2 Candidates on the same day, Bros Warby and Pace. Each of the Candidates being conducted through the 1st part of the Ceremony independently and then coming together with the Principal Sojourner for the 2nd part.

What a superb ceremony it turned out to be with our Principal Sojourner, Comp. David Crump, performing his duties exceptionally well. This was followed up by E. Comp. CPO (MEA) Klaus Rode-Hilbert, P.Pr.G.St.B., giving a first class rendition of the Mystical Lecture.

We feel sure that both Candidates, will, in the years to come, realise what an excellent Exaltation they had and it is with all credit to the Officers of the Chapter that it went so well.

On conclusion of the Meeting the Companions adjourned to the Mess Deck where 32 Companions sank their Tots, ate a superb meal and enjoyed with gusto the companionship that flowed around the tables.

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