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Forge Mill on board with White Ensign

posted on 30 March 2015


Deputy Provincial Grand Master Jewel

Friday 27th March saw White Ensign Lodge conduct a Second Degree Ceremony on behalf of Forge Mill Lodge No. 9658 for Bro. Magne Egeland Olson.

It was a great pleasure to welcome the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W. Bro. Michael H. R. Cole, a member of Forge Mill, and W. Bro. Keith M. Evans, one of our Assistant Grand Masters and a Reservist Member of White Ensign to the meeting.

Some 46 Brethren were in attendance and witnessed a first class ceremony conducted by W. Bro. Sgt Ian Fothergill and the White Ensign Lodge Officers followed by a superb presentation of the Second Degree Tracing Board by W. Bro. Del Padmore, Prov.A.G.D.C., and a member of Forge Mill.

As is always customary the assembled company moved to the Mess Deck and thoroughly enjoyed the friendship, military banter and a very good meal. The Master at Arms ensuring that sufficient fines were levied to demonstrate our continuing requirement to ensure our Meetings are maintained at the required standard.

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