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WETS Report 10 April 2014

posted on 11 April 2014


Per Mare Per Terram Lodge No 9355

Thursday 10th April saw the WM, SW, Mentor and Almoner journey south to Per Mare Per Terram Lodge No 9355 meeting at the Masonic Hall, Exmouth, Devon. What a fabulous evening. The Lodge is comprised mainly of Royal Marines both past and serving who live in the area which has the advantage of having the Commando Training Centre, Royal Marines just 5 miles away.

To say that we were "Royally" entertained would be an understatement.

We witnessed an Initiation Ceremony of the highest quality and when you consider the 1st Drill of the Royal Marines was the Junior Deacon you can understand the military precision in which the ceremony was conducted. During Any Other Business our WM presented the Lodge with a bottle of Antique Rum.

We were then very well looked after at the Festive Board that followed. One of the major points of discussion was that the Lodge opened at 1830, nothing was missed out from a normal business agenda, the Festive Board had all the usual toasts and yet the Tyler's Toast was given at 2158. A total of 3 hours. If that is not military precision then what is?

The next Tourists Trip is to Royal Marines Plymouth Lodge No. 9528, scheduled for Thursday 4th September. Please let W. Bro. Sgt (S) Ian Fothergill know if you wish to travel.

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