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An Evening of Celebration

posted on 02 February 2015


The evening saw an interesting Address to the Haggis

Friday 30th of January saw White Ensign Lodge conduct the “Passing” of Bro. Ian Paul Moore., son of W. Bro. John Moore. It was an excellent Ceremony with both Wardens conducting additional work, the Junior Warden, Bro Wtr. Geoff McDonnell presenting the Working Tools and the Senior Warden, W. Bro. Ravi Dhody presenting the Charge after Passing. Both delivered with aplomb. The Ceremony itself was conducted by W. Bro. Sgt. Ian Fothergill with his usual authority.

On completion of the meeting the Brethren went down to the Lounge to meet up with their Ladies and Invited Guests to commence the start of our “Burns Supper”, so well organised by W. Bro. LEM(A) Frank Walters.

The evening saw an interesting “Address to the Haggis” with an Englishman conducting the address in his best Scots accent and his Lady, a Scot, explaining the words in her refined English accent. If nothing else it certainly caused some merriment.

The address and Toast to the “Immortal Memory of the Scottish Poet” was given in poetic form by W. Bro. WO11 Ian Hart, our Tyler written by his wife, Mrs Vikki Hart.

59 Brethren, Invited Guests and Ladies enjoyed a first class evening with an excellent meal provided once again by Sally and her team.

As always our Charity Appeal was well received and supported and we raised some £290.

How successful was the evening. Well we are hoping that we may have identified 2 Candidates for future membership. If we achieve that then we can only say what a great result.

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