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White Ensign Lodge conduct another First Class Installation

posted on 07 December 2014


White Ensign Lodge conduct another First Class Installation

On Friday 5th December White Ensign Lodge held their first Friday evening Installation which, for the last 23 years had been conducted on a Saturday afternoon.

We were honoured to receive the RW Prov. Grand Master, RW Bro. Robert C Vaughan, accompanied by one of our Reservists, W. Bro. Keith M Evans, P.J.G.D., Assistant PGM, the Deputy PGM from Staffordshire, W. Bro. Gary Read, P.G.Swd.B., (who we think, following a visit of the Staffs PGM on “Trafalgar Night”, was on some kind of intelligence gathering exercise), “Father” of the Lodge, W. Bro. Francis Jephcott, MBE, P.S.G.D., P.Asst.Prov.G.M., (Warks), and W. Bro.LACrew, Bill Southgate, P.G.St.B., who by now should have joined but continues to attend as a “P.I.G.” together with the Prov Wardens of the Year, W. Bro’s. Ed Baker and Michael Dykes, accompanied by the Prov.Dep.G.D.C., W. Bro. Leo Brown.

The Installing Master, W. Bro. Len Venables, P.G.Swd.B. (Staffs) installed in a very ship shape fashion, Bro. Mne Mike Wroe and he then appointed his Officers for the year.

Following a first class ceremony the Brethren then retired to the Mess Deck and enjoyed a very convivial evening. The Master at Arms managed to levy a fine against every member present and, at an auction of a bottle of 22 SAS Regiment Officers Mess Port, managed to raise the magnificent sum of £186. This with a Charity collection exceeding £200, once again showed that the Brethren of White Ensign and their Visitors truly expressed their Masonic virtue.

“Del Boy” Fothergill offered the Brethren the new Lodge Polo Shirt and was delighted to receive an order for 35 shirts. These were originally designed tor the WETS but are of such good quality that everyone present had the chance to buy.

Once again a superb White Ensign evening thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.

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