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WETS Visit Plymouth Lodge.

posted on 09 November 2014


Royal Marines Plymouth Lodge

WETS Visit to Royal Marines Plymouth Lodge.

Once again an intrepid band of travellers comprising the WM, W. Bro Len Venables, accompanied by W. Bro. LEM (A) Frank Walters and W. Bro. Sgt (S) Ian Fothergill set off from the Midlands on Thursday 6th November to meet up with our expatriate Cornishman, W. Bro. CPO ERA1 Vaughan Williams in Plymouth.

Having safely negotiated the perils of the M5 and A38 we met up at Jury's Inn and prepared ourselves with a few "Warmers in the Butts" for the meeting. On arrival we were warmly greeted and were party to an extremely interesting and totally different Initiation Ceremony where a number of Past Masters performed the Ceremony, The Working Tools, The Charge and an excellent explanation of the Ceremony. All this whilst the Initiate, dressed all in White, remained in the Lodge Room throughout.

On completion we retired for refreshments prior to enjoying an excellent Festive Board and renewing acquaintances, one of whom "Fothers" had not seen for 38 years.

We returned to the Hotel and due to the inclement weather found it necessary to imbibe a certain amount of alcoholic refreshment to refresh the parts that tea and coffee could not reach.

An excellent trip all round and we hope to see a Raiding Party from RM Plymouth in the not too distant future at our "Dry Dock" in Redditch.

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